Private School Enrollment Down Again

I read an article this past weekend, that discussed the enrollment numbers in private schools are down.  The report says that the pre-K through 12th grade enrollment dropped 12.7% between 2001/2 and 2009/10. Pretty significant drop in enrollment. Looking at the numbers that is about 800,000 student drop in enrollment during that timeframe.

Why? There is much speculation to why.. Overall cost of private school tuition has been increasing year over year. Of course the sputtering economy could be to blame. I hate to put the numbers in – but looking at the tuition increase of about 74% – is scary. The average tuition cost in 2000 was about 6K compared to 10.5K in 2007. Add 3 more years and I hate to really see what that number is.

Where are people going? Back to public funded areas of course. The raise of public charter schools has taken off. Now about 5% of all public schools are charter schools. Is this a better alternative to private school? Some say that smaller class size, focused specialty items and less tolerant to discipline problems are the reasons.

Choice is something that should be important to you. Making that choice in which school is difficult. Especially when we all focus on the future of our children. We all want the best for them.

If we can help you – we will try our best.

If you want to help us – we look forward to your help!

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