Donations Needed!

Help a Student Out! Or maybe help so many more….

Time is growing shorter till we have reached that magical end of the year. That December 31st date! Time flies by, doesn’t it? This year, for me has been a blur. We are just about to get together with family and friends and sit down for Thanksgiving. Black Friday will kick off the holiday shopping season. The children will be ending up the first half of school and out for winter intersession. December holidays will consume a lot of our time and resources… Busy times.

Did you know that 33% of all donations happen in the month of December? Studies show that over the years this coming month will be the largest month for donations to non-profits. Az4Education is defining looking forward to that. We have received many spring requests for scholarships and need some donations to fulfill those requests. Time to help a child out. If we an we would like to help out many students.

We look forward to your donation. Just use this link

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