What’s New or Improved at AZ4Education?

Our team of volunteers are always looking for ways to help others and this includes how we manage scholarship and donations with you.   For example, how important is your time?    We all have 24 hours in a day, but when we stop to look at what is important, there never is enough time!   That’s why AZ4Education is working hard to support your goals to get the best education and cherish those valuable moments more.

This is one blog in a series of blogs to tell you about the enhancements we are making and have made.   Continuous improvements are necessary for anything to stay viable and we think we have some good ideas.  In short, we are giving you more options and hopefully making it easier to enjoy life.

What’s new or improved?
1)      Online scholarships
2)      Online donation enhancements
3)      Improved dashboard reporting, tracking of donation and scholarship history
4)      Printable scholarship and donation forms that use PDF fillable forms (so you can fax or mail them in)

Stay tuned for follow on blogs that gives more details!

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