AZ4Education Online Scholarship Application Process

What’s new or improved at AZ4Education?

For starters, online scholarships!

Our process allows you to submit your application online rather than deal with the printed copy, fax/mail routine (although you can still do that).

The online application lets you enter information in a standard simplified form.   You are can apply for up to 5 students, attach/upload documents, add individual student or family comments and more.   All information is kept secure, private and any optional uploaded critical records are purged when completed.

Applying online will reduce your time filling out your application and if you register with us, you can make your process even faster for future applications.   In addition, any applications you submit online after 1/23/13, while you are logged in, will allow you to track those scholarships from your member dashboard.


Where do I go from here?

To get started, from the home page of AZ4Education, simply push the “Apply Here red button, at the top of the page.   We recommend registering with us so that you can track your status.   You can do this by selecting the [Login] tab in the top right of the Scholarship Application, then registering.   After logging in, you can fill out the form.


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