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What’s new or improved at AZ4Education?

Online donations!

Today, any donator can recommend their dollars be given to a General scholarship fund, an individual School scholarship fund, or even an individual Student, both online and off.     This means you have a say in how you want your dollars to be spent.   On behalf of those families, schools, and others impacted by your generosity, AZ4Education thanks you!

How does it work?

When you recommend a single school, we send an email to the school director of financial aid so they can let their enrolled student families know to apply.    Also, when you recommend a Student, we actually notify to the school AND the individual student family.   This ensures that funds will be matched up with scholarships more efficiently and  effectively, real time!

The information in the emails to the student family or school, does not list details of amount, or who was responsible for the donations, for several good reasons.    In short, the email just tells them to come to AZ4Education an apply.   We are very interested in making sure your recommended donations go TO the location you wanted.

No matter what your recommendation, you also receive a detailed thank you receipt that should make your life a lot less stressful  when you need to fill out your taxes (yeah!)


Where do I go from here?

To get started donating, go to the AZ4Educaiton home page and select the “Donate Here” red button, at the top of the page.   This sends you to a intermediary page that lets you decide if you want to donate via mail/fax or online.   The rest is self explanatory.


Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter.   Links are also at the top of the page at AZ4Education.



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