You Have Spoken, We’re Doing!

We have spent time some time with quite a few of our donors and scholarship applicants discussing what Az4Education can do better. Some of the response, highlighted much of the work that we have been doing since the beginning of January. We still have much that we are going to over the summer that you have asked for!

Let’s discuss the work that has been completed…

  • You asked for better visibility into the process. We have provided a tool that gives you all of your donation data in one simple location. You can see you donation history with us! You will never miss out on when and how much you have donated. If you lost your donation paperwork, we can simply regenerate it. You have better control.
  • You asked for help in making recommended donations. You have simple drop down menus to help focus your donation for a school or even potentially a particular student. Making on-line donations just got easier!
  • You asked for a way to track your scholarship application. We now have put our scholarship application on-line. If you have applied before – you information is pre-populated also.  Saving you time. The really nice thing around our on-line application – is it is FREE. We don’t ask you to go to a 3rd party and pay for submitting your application.
  • You asked for help for in requesting recommended donations. When you are a member of Az4Education we provide you with tools to help you share with family and friends the benefits of Az4Education donations and how you can ask them to recommend your students(s).
  • Schools asked for visibility into the donations for their schools. All schools can set up their school login  which gives access to the dashboard that shows them the donations that were made to their schools. Having a picture of the donations can help the school insure that needy students apply!

We still have other items on the list that we are working on now! One of the most exciting items that our focus is centered on is developing an AZ4Education Community. We want to make sure that we provide the best possible solution for you when it comes with working with an Scholarship Tuition Organization (STO). You have many choices in STO’s, we want to be your choice. We are striving to be more forward thinking. We want to provide our community with the tools and resources that will help them continue to keep their school choice alive. You will be reading about the changes throughout the summer. We would like you to keep informed – please make sure that you like us on Facebook! Between our Website and Facebook page we will make sure that our community is the best STO community.

Thanks again for giving us your feedback. We promise that we will do our best to make sure that we listen and act accordingly. We want to be the best. You deserve the best. Together we can make that happen…

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