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by Brian on December 28, 2011

As Steve Bell said in the previous blog post, we are running a series of posts to tell you a bit  about ourselves, which is like trying to write a novel in Sanskrit for me.

I went to college at Colorado State University in Fort Collins Colorado and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.    Every summer break, I would go back to IBM as an intern and save enough money to help pay for some items in school.    After college, I got a job for National Semiconductor in Utah and worked there for 3 years. Intel was my next location and fast forward 20+ years to today. I have enjoyed the challenges that went with all companies and of course I worked in various roles over those years from product engineer to engineering manager and customer support.

Over time, I have collected a number of hobbies, including a passion for photography. At one point, I gave serious thought to opening my own studio. One of my originals actually was on display next to the famous Ansel Adams one year in a local venue – something I was very proud of.   I also enjoy archeology, history, architecture, and several other fields. In addition, I only wish I had more time for the outdoor life to go fishing, camping, and generally “roughing it”.

I also enjoy helping others, and have been involved in volunteer work with the community in a number of ways.   That is one key reason why I joined AZ4Education.   STO’s like ours help thousands of Arizona students as a non-profit and considering it’s a win for our contributors, you can’t go wrong.   I get a great sense of satisfaction knowing that a student is getting a better chance through our scholarships.    Being a volunteer board member and director of marketing, I see the direct impact of our efforts and always looking for ways to help raise more money.

AZ4Education is a great organization partnering with schools, families, and businesses to help students.   We have a great team and operate with integrity and professionalism.    If you would like to contribute to help a student, your donation goes a long way and to a great cause, plus you get a 100% tax credit!  If you would like to donate some of your time, we welcome your support.

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