Scholarship Application Update!

by admin on June 17, 2013

We would like to take this time to update all parents, students and school’s on our progress on the many scholarship applications we received this year.

  • As many know, we turned off the on-line application process a couple days after the 6/1 deadline. This was to help us collect all necessary information in order to complete the application review process. We looked for incomplete information, and sent out emails to folks to get the completed information. Our on-line application process was turned back on-line starting 6/16. For those that did not get their application in, please do so as quickly as possible
  • Our scholarship committee met and completed our initial list of scholarship recipients. We now have to double check with the schools on enrollment. We have added a wait-list of the applicants that were not selected but would be if we had more funding available to award. As funding comes available (or if students selected are not enrolled in their schools). we will be using our wait-list for those next.
  • Notification of awarded scholarships. I know that everyone is waiting to hear if they received a scholarship. We will be sending out notifications via email or postal mail to both the parents and the schools no later than July 30th. Please be checking your inbox or mailbox for those notifications.
  • Recommended donations that have been unclaimed (no scholarship application received), please make sure that you get your scholarship application submitted ASAP. We will continue to review and award those on a monthly basis – when the recommended donation is received. Please review your email copy!

We would like to thank our scholarship committee for all of the hard work this time around. Az4Education received 5x the number of applications as last year. Reading each and every application is time consuming, but necessary for awarding those deserving applicants. We are very happy this year that we could reach more students with our funding. Our only drawback is we wish that we could have helped out more families with scholarships.

The feeling that I got from helping students has definitely pushed me to strive to work harder on getting more donations for Az4Education. Our outcome this past year, was truly better than expected. Our work to sustain and surpass our goals for this upcoming year are significant, but I know it will be worth it.


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