2014 Elections and School Choice

Az4Education is a non-profit 501c3 organization.   We support families with scholarships, who want a choice in education for their children.   Since 1998, Arizona has made it possible for thousands of families to benefit from tuition assistance because of generous tax credit donations from individuals and corporations.

As this is an election year, we encourage all registered voters who support School Choice to get out and vote.    To learn about the candidates positions on important matters for Arizona such as school choice, please refer to the AZVoterGuide.    Be sure to check the Governor, Senate and House candidates.

As a 501c3, Az4Education can not endorse candidates but we can let you know that it is very important to vote as every voice counts.

Please share this with others and thanks for supporting school choice.   Be sure to make a difference for education with your vote.


Note: Public and charter schools are funded by taxes that derive from sources, such as property taxes.   Private schools do not receive a penny from State taxes and rely on private donations.     When an individual or corporation donates, they are redirecting their Income State Taxes to fund private education.   This is not taking away from public or charter education.



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