Am I Elligible for a Scholarship?

We receive applications daily and because our membership dashboard provides real time feedback, many of our members can get answers to the most common questions, such as “what is the status of my application?”

What we also get questions about how funds are allocated, which depends in large part on your student or family eligibility.    Do you know if you son/daughter is eligible to receive a switcher or low income scholarship/grant?

The ADOR provides a matrix showing what the minimum requirements are in determining the eligibility for the 4 different scholarships which is also on our website here.     Note that we also have further qualifications that determine approval and allocation of awards, that include many of the items on your application.

Knowing if you are eligible for switcher, low income, or d/d can help you be more effective and efficient in the application process.   If you are not certain what the minimum eligibility might be after reviewing the ADOR matrix, send us an email or call and we can review your current application.     If you don’t have one for the current school year, be sure to submit one.


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