Need Your Help

From time to time I get asked, “how do you provide funding for students?” Simple question with a simple answer – We get donations and then facilitate providing the funding to students. Look around our website…  We are here to help provide a school choice to parents and students. That choice is in the private school community. All of us at Az4Education really look at this as an opportunity for us to have an impact on a students future. In turn, our future. An investment in the future. I know, it sounds corny, but if one of those students turns out to innovate a new way to consume waste to energy, becomes a great political leader, or just an outstanding citizen – we all win.

It is now the first week of August 2011. The year is less than four months away from becoming 2012. Year end planning is just around the corner. Is it too early to think about making a charitable donation? Maybe.. Maybe not! These are difficult times to be asking for donations. There are many other school tuition organizations, STO for short, that will be hitting you up for the same donations that we are. We are a much smaller STO and really are focused on the personal touch with the donors and scholarship students. We hope that you look to offer up your charitable donation to Az4Education.

One of the greatest gifts we can provide is a student with a well matched education. We need help to make that happen.. We need your charitable donation! Think about it! If you can – act on it today.

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