Don’t Miss Out

by admin on May 7, 2013

A very important date is just around the corner. That date is the deadline to submit a scholarship application for the upcoming 2013/2014 school year is June 1, 2013.

As we have written before, we have made significant changes to our website. We believe that your time is valuable and we have made made strides to insure to give you time back. Our Login  process allows you to set up a member account with us to insure that you are getting the full advantages of what we have to offer. For time savings to you, once you have a member account, all information that we capture with the login will be updated in all activities that you do with us in the future. If you apply for a scholarship, we transfer data that was captured in the login to your scholarship. Better yet, we offer everyone a dashboard to track their activities within Az4Education.

So, if you have not yet applied.. June 1, 2013 is fast approaching. Make sure that don’t miss out on some scholarship opportunities.

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