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You likely are familiar with how tuition scholarships work but if you would like to get a refresher or more details about how we work, our policies, please let us know.

Authorized employees who work for your school can create a school login with limited access rights to view tuition awards, award history, student eligibility, and more.

What is a Qualified School?

Qualified school means a nongovernmental primary or secondary school, or a preschool for handicapped students, that is located in Arizona and that does not discriminate based on race, color, handicap, familial status or national origin. Qualified school does not include a charter school or any program operated by a charter school.

Key benefits for Schools working with Az4Education

  • Customer Service and Communication
  • Transparency
  • Education support

Fundraising in your hands

If you are a private K-12 qualified school, you can now run your own campaign to help raise funds for scholarships that will be available for your school.   AZ4Education has a “school donation page” that makes fundraising easy, more transparent.   Te learn more, view the menu item in the school dashboard.