Important Information and a “New Policy” Change

by admin February 4, 2014

To all AZ4Education Community Members: Another year is over, we have had our review and we are doing well. Again, we are witnessing some extremely strong results in the # of donations and total amount this year! That is great news. We received a communication reminder from the ADOR about recommended donations and the potential for “swapping” or reciprocity. This is when one or more families are providing a recommended donation in a students name for each other students (or within a circle of families). This is against the regulations. Even if you did not intend for that donation to […]

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You Have Spoken, We’re Doing!

by admin May 21, 2013

We have spent time some time with quite a few of our donors and scholarship applicants discussing what Az4Education can do better. Some of the response, highlighted much of the work that we have been doing since the beginning of January. We still have much that we are going to over the summer that you have asked for! Let’s discuss the work that has been completed… You asked for better visibility into the process. We have provided a tool that gives you all of your donation data in one simple location. You can see you donation history with us! You […]

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Big Thank-you!

by admin April 16, 2013

It is hard to believe that another tax season has come and gone! This is our third season and third year as an Scholarship Tuition Organization (STO). We would like to share a big thank-you to everyone that we have talked, emailed or even our website has had interactions with. Because of all of you, we are very happy with our overall progress to date. This year has been something special – well, our fiscal year is actually over 6/30/2013 (we still have a couple of months). As we are sitting down this week to plan out next fiscal year, we […]

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You Still Have Time – Till April 15th

by admin March 21, 2013

Do you know that you can still get 2012 tax credit for donations made up to April 15th? That’s right! One of the reasons that most people struggle with making donations is the amount of time that in-between the donation and receiving credit.  We are very lucky in Arizona. Our legislature recognized that and we now can make donations at the beginning of the year just before you file your taxes (and it still counts that donation for the previous year).  This changes the donation deadline to April 15th instead of December 31st, or prior to when you file your […]

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Give to AZ4Education and make a recommendation

by Brian November 28, 2012

Did you know that when you donate to AZ4Education, you can recommend a student or school to receive your donation? It’s one of the many benefits of donating that allows you more control of where your donation (ie. tax dollars) goes.   It’s no wonder why more donators are taking advantage of this feature. As you know, when you donate to AZ4Education, every dime is returned through an Arizona State tax credit.    That means you get to spend your tax dollars directly on education. So how does this work?   When you make your donation, simply give a name for a private […]

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Who are we?

by Brian July 2, 2011

AZ4Education is a School Tuition Organization (STO) developed under the guidelines provided in the Arizona Private School Tuition Tax Credit Law of 1997. AZ4Education was created to provide educational scholarships to qualified students attending private K through 12 schools in the state of Arizona. Our goal is to enable every qualified student a choice for their educational career by making private school affordable. AZ4Education was founded by three local families who believe that a family’s choice for their children’s education should not be limited by financial constraints. While there are other STOs in Arizona, AZ4Education has established itself as a […]

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