Scholarship applications still being accepted for 2014-15

by Brian October 29, 2014

Scholarship applications still being accepted for 2014-15 school year.   If you have already submitted your scholarship application, GREAT JOB.     If not, you can still apply, all the way through April 2015, but be sure to submit an application asap. We will start accepting applications for the 2015 -16 school year as early as February15,  2015.     Check out our website for details on our award schedule. Please help by sharing on Facebook, Twitter about donating your state income taxes to support education.   We accept all major credit cards, checks, pledges, and donators can give to a […]

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Am I Elligible for a Scholarship?

by Brian August 29, 2014

We receive applications daily and because our membership dashboard provides real time feedback, many of our members can get answers to the most common questions, such as “what is the status of my application?” What we also get questions about how funds are allocated, which depends in large part on your student or family eligibility.    Do you know if you son/daughter is eligible to receive a switcher or low income scholarship/grant? The ADOR provides a matrix showing what the minimum requirements are in determining the eligibility for the 4 different scholarships which is also on our website here.     Note that […]

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2014 Elections and School Choice

by Brian July 27, 2014

Az4Education is a non-profit 501c3 organization.   We support families with scholarships, who want a choice in education for their children.   Since 1998, Arizona has made it possible for thousands of families to benefit from tuition assistance because of generous tax credit donations from individuals and corporations. As this is an election year, we encourage all registered voters who support School Choice to get out and vote.    To learn about the candidates positions on important matters for Arizona such as school choice, please refer to the AZVoterGuide.    Be sure to check the Governor, Senate and House candidates. As a 501c3, […]

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Donations for 2013 Still Good through April 15, 2014

by Brian February 19, 2014

As you may know, we are still accepting donations for the 2013 tax year up to April 15 of 2014.   Be sure to let your family and friends know that they still have time to redirect those taxes to AZ4Education. As of January, we made several new enhancements to the donation module, allowing you to get more done, quicker.    Our new module can now process recommended donations up to 3 different schools or students;  You can also “split” the total donation between multiple schools or students;  and you can take the “max tax credit” and more. AZ4Education is continuing to […]

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Happy 2014! Looking back…

by admin January 8, 2014

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope that everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday season. Another year is officially over. How many of you have made the mistake when writing the year? I have! It is hard not to for the first couple of weeks of a new year. When a new year begins, we like to look back and review how the year unfolded.  Looking back on 2013, AZ4Education set some lofty goals to help grow our organization. Reflecting back here are some of the highlights: Getting out to meet school administrators and parents – We have had […]

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Spring Semester Application Review Deadline

by admin October 22, 2013

I felt it was important to put out a reminder about the upcoming deadline of November 1st 2013. This is the last day that we will be accepting applications for spring semester awards. If you have already submitted an application this year, you are 100% done. We will be reviewing all scholarship applications that have been submitted. If you are thinking about applying for a scholarship, you only have until November 1st to get your application in. Please don’t miss out on this opportunity! This will be the last time that we will be reviewing general scholarship applications for the […]

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Scholarship Application Update!

by admin June 17, 2013

We would like to take this time to update all parents, students and school’s on our progress on the many scholarship applications we received this year. As many know, we turned off the on-line application process a couple days after the 6/1 deadline. This was to help us collect all necessary information in order to complete the application review process. We looked for incomplete information, and sent out emails to folks to get the completed information. Our on-line application process was turned back on-line starting 6/16. For those that did not get their application in, please do so as quickly […]

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You Have Spoken, We’re Doing!

by admin May 21, 2013

We have spent time some time with quite a few of our donors and scholarship applicants discussing what Az4Education can do better. Some of the response, highlighted much of the work that we have been doing since the beginning of January. We still have much that we are going to over the summer that you have asked for! Let’s discuss the work that has been completed… You asked for better visibility into the process. We have provided a tool that gives you all of your donation data in one simple location. You can see you donation history with us! You […]

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