How our Scholarship Selection Process Works

For the 2012 fall enrollment of private k-12 schools, we received 5 times as many scholarship applications than we did the same time last year.     And, we were pleased to be able to award many of those applicants, because of the generous donations made to AZ4Education by helpful residents and companies.

Because our scholarship selection process is such a critical part of our process, we thought it would be helpful to explain how this process actually works and help those applying in the future.

Our selection committee is comprised of compassionate minded individuals whose goal is to allocate funds to as many families who apply, as we can.    Unfortunately, not everyone can receive a scholarship and that is why we are working hard to educate more people of the wonderful benefits of donating to AZ4Education.     You can help by telling your family and friends about donating and getting a 100% tax credit, or send them a link from our website.

As for our scholarship selection process, we review every application, in detail and measure the application against all others in terms of their type, which is either merit, need or both.   If an applicant meets our criteria, but we do not have sufficient funding, we may put them on a wait list, with the hope that more donations may be available in the near future.    We will not be able to share if you are on the wait list, but should more donations come in, and you are on the list, we will contact you, asap.

As we are regulated by state and federal law as a scholarship tuition organization (STO) and 501(c)(3) non profit organization, we always search for the human element in each scholarship application.   That is why it is important to share, within reason, your current situation, not just your tax returns (if applying for a need based scholarship).   Information about your child such as recommendation letters, report cards, academic and community involvement, and personal achievements helps us make choices, especially for merit, but also for need based scholarships.

We hope that this has helped in some fashion to explain how we determine who is awarded scholarship funds and welcome any questions you might have.

Be sure to spread the word about the benefits of our program, from scholarships to tax credits for donations!

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