Give to AZ4Education and make a recommendation

Did you know that when you donate to AZ4Education, you can recommend a student or school to receive your donation?

It’s one of the many benefits of donating that allows you more control of where your donation (ie. tax dollars) goes.   It’s no wonder why more donators are taking advantage of this feature.

As you know, when you donate to AZ4Education, every dime is returned through an Arizona State tax credit.    That means you get to spend your tax dollars directly on education.

So how does this work?   When you make your donation, simply give a name for a private K-12 school or a student and we setup a scholarship fund for the school or student.

If giving to a school, you may want to consider one in your neighborhood.    Why?   Because good schools attract more families to your neighborhood which compels growth and increased property values.   This in turn increases revenue for the local businesses and with additional commerce, helps create more revenue for city, county, and state.

By giving to AZ4Education, you support a family, a school, and ultimately the community and it doesn’t cost a dime!


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