Volunteering is a rewarding and important part of any persons life.    Some learn about the personal benefits and rewards that come with the activity early in life and others as they find time later in life.     If you have ever had a chance to help others, then you know what I am talking about.

Our board is currently looking for volunteer board members who are interested in making a difference with K-12 education.    As a  non-profit volunteer organization with flexible hours and a critical goal to help others, its always great to find others of like mind.  But sometimes the role of volunteering is not understood or assumed to be a poor fit.

We all are busy and its a challenge to find time for our family, friends, and to have fun.    So how can I fit a volunteering role into a busy schedule?     Easy… if you have a passion for or realize the reward of doing something, unselfish and beneficial for others.     It’s also important to find an organization that is focused more on the results of your volunteering efforts.

If you can be an advocate for school choice or cast your vote in a committee to support a family with funds for a scholarship or share your experience, it is just a little effort… but has far reaching impact.

Be part of something that will give back in ways you never thought possible.   If you are interested in learning more about how you or someone you know can help, consider volunteering.



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