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by admin on August 22, 2013

Take a moment and look up from this post and locate in the upper right hand corner our dashboard login. Do you know what that means? It gives us the opportunity to provide our community with some additional tools. Do you have a login already? If so, then you can skip ahead to the next paragraph. If you don’t, I would recommend moving forward with setting one up. Just click on the member and fill out the necessary information. Remember to verify yourself when a email is sent to you. Just that simple (and by the way – it is free)!

As in a past blog post, we continue to improve our website and tools to help our community! We have added some additional information and material inside your dashboard. Under the templates tab, we have made some significant changes. All of those changes are to help you. I would tell you in this blog post, but I would rather you check those changes out for yourself.

Just login! What if you don’t have a login? Go ahead and sign up!

Click on the templates tab! Check out the changes (we added some additional information and forms).

I challenge everyone to use what we have provide. Go ahead, what do you have to lose? All I ask is, “If you have any input on how to improve or make better – just email me!”



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