March Madness

by admin on March 5, 2014

It is that time of year, March Madness. How many of you are college basketball fans? This is your month of championship weeks and the NCAA tournament. It is a college basketball fans dream.

It also is the month that most folks get their taxes completed. Are your taxes done already? If so, that is great. If not, then continue reading on. As you may know, we are still accepting donations for the 2013 tax year up to April 15 of 2014.   Be sure to let your family and friends know that they still have time to redirect those taxes to AZ4Education.

There is one simple way to let you decide where you want your tax dollars to go… Go ahead and do your rough draft of your taxes to see if you have any tax liability to the state of Arizona. If you owe the state of Arizona and are thinking of writing a check – stop. Instead of writing a check to the state, you can donate that tax liability to AZ4Education up to the maximums allowed are $2062/$1031 for married/single respectively. You get to have a say in where your funds go!

Let’s make this March Madness a great one all the way around! May your college basketball team win the championship. Let’s make AZ4Education’s March their best March donation month ever.


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