How to Create a Group Fund

Welcome!    This is a brief summary of what we call a “Group Fund“.     Our executive director would be glad to schedule a meeting with you to discuss this further, if you would like.

What is a Group fund?

  • A way for you to promote the benefits of tax credit donations, tuition scholarships and make a direct impact in school choice.

How does it work?

  • You create a Group fund name that you want to be known for such as My Company Fund.
  • You refer individuals* and businesses to donate their tax credits to AZ4Education.
  • We award scholarships to eligible** students.

What is a Group fund recommendation list?

  • A recommendation list is optional.
  • Must be at least one school or as least ten student names.
  • Please consider using this “scholarship email” as a template to help with the list.

How is a Group fund managed?

  • Once your Group fund has $10K or more, we review and disburse funds quarterly.
  • If using a recommendation list, we contact the names and ask them to apply online.
  • General updates about your Group fund may occur on a semi-annual basis.

How does this benefit you?

  • You get a voice in how tax credit donations are used to support your community.
  • Improved business relations with clients, employees, and partners.
  • Recognition for making a difference in education.

Why is AZ4Education doing this?

  • To help more families get a choice in education.
  • Arizona taxpayers need a voice in how their income tax dollars can be used.

Who decides if a scholarship is awarded?

  • All scholarships are determined solely by AZ4Education per state and federal law.


* Can be through verbal referral or with “donation email” template.

** Must meet AZ eligibility requirements