Parent Toolbox


Many parents want choices in K-12 education, but a big challenge is the tuition cost.    Fortunately, Arizona residents may be eligible to get assistance with tuition scholarships.

To get started, learn all you can about your child’s eligibility for all four (4) of the tuition scholarships.   You can read about each one here or log into your AZ4Education member dashboard to use the “Student Eligibility Checker“.

Another challenge is understanding how the income tax credit donation works so you can tell your family, friends, and work associates.   The best way to understand this is realizing that you are using your state income taxes, that you already have to pay, which is why it is a no net cost donation.   Another way to explain this is by showing that it is the same thing as when an employer removes the “state income taxes” from your paycheck.    Every donor receives a “tax credit receipt” that is used when you file your taxes and is a dollar for dollar reduction (credit) to their tax liability.     If you give more than your tax liability, you can carry forward the credits for up to 5 years.

So what is a recommendation?

This is just another way of saying that the donor can “suggest” how to use the contribution.    If a donor were to make a “General Fund” recommendation, then any eligible student(s) in a private K-12 Arizona school would be considered for a scholarship.     If a donor make a “School Fund” recommendation, then any eligible student(s) in the donor school(s) would be considered for a scholarship.  If the donor made a “Student Fund” recommendation, then the named student(s) are considered.   Note that a student recommendation is not a guarantee of a scholarship.

Ways to tell others about recommended donations

One of the best ways is to do it in person.   Explain what you are doing, the benefits and how they can help by making a donation, at no net cost to them.    Other methods are to use an email/attached document that contains information you want to share.    The links below go to a template that can be updated by you.

To help even more, use the AZ4Education “Customized Donation Link” that is available in your member dashboard under “My Toolbox”.    This creates a donation link that will pre-fill the online donor form for students and schools, making it easier for the donor.    Use this along with your email/letter and you will get noticed.

The next level that can really make an impact on tax credit donations is through the AZ4Education “Donation Page“.   This is located in the member dashboard under the “Donation Page” tab.   It combines information into a customized web page that you can share with your friends and family.   Try it out after reading the easy “Help” tab.

If you have questions, please let us know at or call.