Last summer I was greatly assisted in applying for a scholarship at AZ 4 Education and later was awarded a much needed scholarship by you and the scholarship committee. I would like to express my profound gratitude to you and the committee for the friendly help I received in applying and the generous scholarship I received. I was able to enjoy my junior year as a transfer student at Xavier College Preparatory and what an enjoyable year it was. I would like thank you for helping me to attend this costly private school – I had a wonderful year of challenging coursework and new friendships. As the new school year approaches, I am looking forward to what it brings in my final year of high school. I am excited to begin the college search, embrace a new year of rigorous studies, and see friends. Unfortunately my school has raised its tuition for this year and again I humbly ask for your generosity in awarding me a scholarship. I understand it may be late to apply for the fall scholarship, but I will certainly be applying for the spring scholarship if that is the case. I sincerely thank you, Mr. Goodman, and the scholarship committee for kindly awarding me a scholarship and I hope you have been having a wonderful summer.

Thank you,

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