Press Release – Az4Education Helping Hundreds of Arizona Students


AZ4Education Helping Hundreds of Arizona Students

AZ4Education is an Arizona non-profit school tuition organization (STO). Their mission: to make private education an affordable option for every family.  With AZ4Education and contributions from everyone, hundreds of Arizona students will have the benefit of scholarships in 2012.  The staff volunteers their time and talents, which makes this a great non-profit to support and follow.

Phoenix, Arizona December 1, 2011 – Children are the future and an important part of their development is education.   To help fuel this future, AZ4Education plans to raise a million dollars in 2012 to help hundreds of students, at no cost to Arizona donators.

AZ4Education was founded by local families with a strong belief that a child’s education must not be limited by financial constraints.  AZ4Education is a certified school tuition organization (STO), operating under the 1997 Arizona Private School Tax Credit Law, A.R.S. §43-1089.  Certified STO’s, like AZ4Education, can receive contributions for use as K-12 scholarships.  In addition, AZ4Education is a non-profit tax-exempt charitable organization authorized under IRS Section 501(c)(3).

Every contribution to AZ4Education receives a tax credit against the Arizona state tax burden – dollar-for-dollar.  “When you donate to AZ4Education, it costs you nothing.  With this program, all of Arizona’s children benefit by breaking down the financial barrier and making private education a reality.   Also, all private schools benefit through higher enrollment and Arizona taxpayers, public schools benefit by increasing the available dollars per student attending public schools” says director Bryan Treglia. “We believe every student is unique, and for many, private schools are the best fit. Our goal is to assist those students who would most benefit from private schooling, but are unable to realize these benefits without financial assistance” says director Michael Goodman.

How You Can Support Students in Arizona

AZ4Education needs support from families, individuals, companies, and organizations in the form of a tax deductible contribution.    If the economy has stretched your budget like most, there is another option.   A person can apply for a 0% interest Tax Credit loan at the Tempe Schools Credit Union (TSCU).  TSCU can loan up to $1000 at 0% interest, provided it’s paid back by May 31st of 2012.  Approval time for a 0% Tax Credit loan is usually 1-2 business days and it costs nothing.  For more information, go to their website at under the Loans menu.

Another way to contribute is by networking with friends and family through email, phone and social media like TwitterFacebookYouTube and LinkedIn.  “Every voice is important to making a difference – the more people know, the more contributions and scholarships for everyone” says director, Brian Sanders, a retired Intel Manager.

AZ4Education is contacting schools, congregations, businesses, and previous donors to encourage their much needed support.    “If you are part of any of these organizations, please contact us.   If you know someone who is part of a foundation or an individual who wants to reduce their tax burden, please let them know about us”, says Steve Bell, a retired Intel Senior Manager who wanted to contribute his time to a non-profit that helped families and students.    All private schools who are interested in scholarship funding assistance for their students should also contact AZ4Education.

Supporting AZ4Education will allow them to award scholarships to hundreds of students.    One clear side benefit of helping students is that any contribution will receive a 100% tax credit.   Telling friends and family about AZ4Education  helps in the cause, so join the conversation for a student.

It takes a village to raise a child and supporting AZ4Education ensures a bright future for our children.    More details about AZ4Education are located on their website:

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About AZ4Education:

AZ4Education is a school tuition organization (STO) that started in 2009 under the Arizona Private School Tax Credit Law, ARS 43-1089. This law allows a person or organization to make contributions to AZ4Education and in return receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit, up to $1,000 depending on your filing status.  AZ4Education is a tax exempt charitable organization pursuant to IRS Section 501(c)(3). The company runs the business a bit differently than other STO’s, starting with their all volunteer staff.  More information is available on their website at



PO BOX 1388

Queen Creek, AZ 85142

Brian Sanders, director of Marketing and Press Relations

(480) 478.0624 (office)

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