A non-profit 501(c)(3), certified school tuition organization, providing K-12 tuition scholarships to families in Arizona.

Scholarships are possible through income tax donations by families and businesses who support school choice.

Every donation is a dollar for dollar tax credit that reduces your tax liability.

Help make a difference today!


Scholarship applications still being accepted for 2014-15 school year.   If you have already submitted your scholarship application, GREAT JOB.     If not, you can still apply, all the way through April 2015, but be sure to submit an application asap. We will start accepting applications for the 2015 -16 school year as early as February15,  2015.     Check out our website for details on our award schedule. Please help by sharing on Facebook, Twitter about donating your state income taxes to support education.   We accept all major credit cards, checks, pledges, and donators can give to a […]


We receive applications daily and because our membership dashboard provides real time feedback, many of our members can get answers to the most common questions, such as “what is the status of my application?” What we also get questions about how funds are allocated, which depends in large part on your student or family eligibility.    Do you know if you son/daughter is eligible to receive a switcher or low income scholarship/grant? The ADOR provides a matrix showing what the minimum requirements are in determining the eligibility for the 4 different scholarships which is also on our website here.     Note that […]


That’s right!   You can donate your state income taxes to AZ4Education, receive a tax credit and help education.    Your donation is used to provide a scholarship to eligible K-12 students. To learn more, go to the donation webpage.  To make an online credit card donation takes less than a minute! Be sure to let your family and friends know and if you have any questions, please contact us.