AZ Tax Credits – Control Where Your Dollars Go

by admin August 7, 2013

You have found Us! We are here to help with everything Arizona State Private School Tuition Tax Credits. I know it is a bit early to be thinking about 2013 taxes.. Or maybe not. School is or has started. Before we know it will be Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas/Hanukah. What is left? Tax Time! Here is some additional information about the ins and outs of the AZ Private School Tuition Tax Credit is… As a taxpayer, you are allowed to make two types of credit-eligible contributions for private school tuition. Contributions must be made to a qualified “school tuition organization” […]

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Meet Brian

by Brian December 28, 2011

As Steve Bell said in the previous blog post, we are running a series of posts to tell you a bit  about ourselves, which is like trying to write a novel in Sanskrit for me. I went to college at Colorado State University in Fort Collins Colorado and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.    Every summer break, I would go back to IBM as an intern and save enough money to help pay for some items in school.    After college, I got a job for National Semiconductor in Utah and worked there for 3 years. Intel was […]

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