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Am I Elligible for a Scholarship?

by Brian August 29, 2014

We receive applications daily and because our membership dashboard provides real time feedback, many of our members can get answers to the most common questions, such as “what is the status of my application?” What we also get questions about how funds are allocated, which depends in large part on your student or family eligibility.    Do you know if you son/daughter is eligible to receive a switcher or low income scholarship/grant? The ADOR provides a matrix showing what the minimum requirements are in determining the eligibility for the 4 different scholarships which is also on our website here.     Note that […]

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Accepting Scholarship Applications for 2014-15 School Year

by Brian February 19, 2014

February is a great time of year as we get ready for the end of another school year and start looking for the beginning of the next school year.    So we know it can be a very busy time right now.    Because of that, we have implemented a few changes that should make life a little bit hectic and save you time. As of Feb 15, we began accepting applications for the 2014-15 school year.   You can still submit an application for 2013 up through April 2014.    If you are a registered member, please login to the dashboard […]

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2014 Tax Credit Amounts Go Up!

by admin January 10, 2014

We all know it is now 9 days into 2014! Winter intersession is completed and students are back at school. Life is getting back to the routine that we feel comfortable with. For many that is music to your ears. What is new in 2014? The Arizona Tax Credits are going up…  So, if you are donating now for Tax Year 2014 – the dollar amounts have changed. I received a call yesterday asking if things were going to change – they are. Look below for those changes in dollar amounts. Tax Year 2014: “Original” Credit. Under the first type […]

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AZ Tax Credits – Control Where Your Dollars Go

by admin August 7, 2013

You have found Us! We are here to help with everything Arizona State Private School Tuition Tax Credits. I know it is a bit early to be thinking about 2013 taxes.. Or maybe not. School is or has started. Before we know it will be Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas/Hanukah. What is left? Tax Time! Here is some additional information about the ins and outs of the AZ Private School Tuition Tax Credit is… As a taxpayer, you are allowed to make two types of credit-eligible contributions for private school tuition. Contributions must be made to a qualified “school tuition organization” […]

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You Have Spoken, We’re Doing!

by admin May 21, 2013

We have spent time some time with quite a few of our donors and scholarship applicants discussing what Az4Education can do better. Some of the response, highlighted much of the work that we have been doing since the beginning of January. We still have much that we are going to over the summer that you have asked for! Let’s discuss the work that has been completed… You asked for better visibility into the process. We have provided a tool that gives you all of your donation data in one simple location. You can see you donation history with us! You […]

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Don’t Miss Out

by admin May 7, 2013

A very important date is just around the corner. That date is the deadline to submit a scholarship application for the upcoming 2013/2014 school year is June 1, 2013. As we have written before, we have made significant changes to our website. We believe that your time is valuable and we have made made strides to insure to give you time back. Our Login  process allows you to set up a member account with us to insure that you are getting the full advantages of what we have to offer. For time savings to you, once you have a member account, all […]

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Big Thank-you!

by admin April 16, 2013

It is hard to believe that another tax season has come and gone! This is our third season and third year as an Scholarship Tuition Organization (STO). We would like to share a big thank-you to everyone that we have talked, emailed or even our website has had interactions with. Because of all of you, we are very happy with our overall progress to date. This year has been something special – well, our fiscal year is actually over 6/30/2013 (we still have a couple of months). As we are sitting down this week to plan out next fiscal year, we […]

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You Still Have Time – Till April 15th

by admin March 21, 2013

Do you know that you can still get 2012 tax credit for donations made up to April 15th? That’s right! One of the reasons that most people struggle with making donations is the amount of time that in-between the donation and receiving credit.  We are very lucky in Arizona. Our legislature recognized that and we now can make donations at the beginning of the year just before you file your taxes (and it still counts that donation for the previous year).  This changes the donation deadline to April 15th instead of December 31st, or prior to when you file your […]

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