AZ4Education Gets A Major Facelift

by admin on March 14, 2012

The team is very proud of the work that has been going on with our new site. We welcome you to the redesigned new and improved AZ4Education website.

  • Getting started is our way to help guide the user around the site. If you are a potential donor – everything you wanted to know or were afraid to ask, should be there. Parents, we have a page to help you. What to find a private school – they are under schools. If all else fails, we have a FAQ section to help. That question is not there, submit your question and we will be happy to answer it.
  • Get involved is where most things happen. There are many ways to get involved. There is the standard donations items of on-line and mail in. We have opened up a couple of more options. has a program that helps non-profits by offering up some of the proceeds from your purchases. We all shop, many folks are switching to on-line shopping and with you have a very large variety of options. We are setting up an eBay account as well, so if you have some items that you want to sell on eBay and offer up the proceeds to us – you can. Lastly, we have heard from many folks that they would like to help out from time to time. Just volunteer!
  • Our intentions were to make this site much easier to use. As you check it out, we hope we have accomplished that.

Take a moment to wonder around.. Let us know what you think! What you like or would like to see.

By the way, since we are almost to that deadline for completing and turning in our 2011 taxes. Have you completed them? Great. If you are in the middle or just getting started, it is not too late to take the Arizona Tax Credit for 2011.  We are here to help with that as well. Just hit the red Donate Now or just click here.

I hope you enjoy!

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