Spring 2013 Scholarships Awarded

Our spring scholarships have been awarded!

Email notification to all scholarship recipients were sent out December 15! If you received the email, congratulations.

If you did not receive an email notification, we truly wish that we could have done more. We continue to see more applications on every deadline that we have from the previous year. For me, it breaks my heart not to give everyone that is deserving a scholarship.

Our promise to everyone. The volunteer staff will continue to increase our efforts in gathering as many donations as possible. We would like nothing more than to increase our scholarship budget even more (it is based on donations received).

If you would like to help – you can help spread the word about our organization and how we are helping. Point your friends and family to Az4Education to make a donation (to the school, to your child or to the general fund).  The deadline fro meeting the end of the year – is only two weeks away. Remember that if the donator is from the state of Arizona, the tax credit is dollar for dollar. We strive to have the lowest over-head and return the maximum dollar to the scholarship.

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